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Hermanos Trailer  
A Hispanic high-school aged boy must make the choice to go against his brother and his gang or pursue his dreams of college and of being a writer.

Short film trailer, 2009

Official Selection Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, 2009

Official Selection, San Diego Latino Film Festival, 2010

Official Selection, Womens International Film & Arts Festival, 2010
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50 Years Ago Today  
On an afternoon picnic, a woman discovers her husband of 50 years has loved her the entire time.

Short film, 2009

Official Selection Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2010
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In a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by drought, tidal waves, and fires, a solitary survivor and stray dog, travel northward, clinging to the hope of locating drinkable water and any living family.

Short Film, 2008

Official Selection Honest Thieves Film Festival, Hollywood, 2010
Leaving K-Town  
Capturing the tone of a place, Tuesday night 11pm, Korea-town, Los Angeles
A dream is a memory of an emotional episode  
Using split screen to emphasize a character’s emotional state of being

Untitled 1  
capturing the tone of a place, Mojave, CA, September, dawn
Untitled 2  
using editing to emphasize the motion of a character
Untitled 3  
a long take on the corner of York Blvd and Avenue 51. what is happening in the seeming stillness of the camera and the night
Untitled 4  
longing for human connection amidst the chaos of Los Angeles